Welcome to uS

Supporting young people aged between 12 and 25 with or at risk of developing mental health difficulties, helping them to become physically active and transform their lives.

uS activities

Challenging, rewarding and fun
Well-qualified and experienced coaches deliver sports and physical activities. Participants have fun learning new skills, meeting personal goals, making new friends, improving their mental and physical health and becoming more confident.

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uS volunteers

Share and learn new skills, whilst being invaluable to uS
A diverse range of volunteers help uS with our planning, development, management, marketing, quality assurance, safeguarding, fundraising, programme delivery and support.

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uS parents

Parents and carers are central to the development and success of uS
Parents and carers are very important to the planning and growth of uS. Your knowledge, advice and support will help uS to get it right and help your young people benefit and grow.

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uS young people

...are at the centre of all that we do.
uS empowers young people, aged between 12 and 25, with or at risk of developing mental health issues to participate in sports and other activities.

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What we do

uS provides a bespoke offer of sports and physical activities to empower young people to transform their lives. It has adopted an evidence-based approach that confirms the physical, mental and social benefits derived from participating in physical activity. The offer is ‘demand-led’, responding to the needs and interests of young people.

uS is committed to youth consultation, which has informed its development and will continue to shape its growth. Staff from the voluntary, education, health, care and justice sectors have also provided the uS trustees with a wealth of knowledge that will contribute to appropriate participant identification, introduction and support, whilst ensuring safe and successful procedures and delivery.

The benefits of getting active

Young people tell us that participating in exercise and sport gives them a buzz and makes them feel good. This is confirmed by scientists who tell us that when we exercise our brain releases ‘feel-good’ chemicals.

Participation in physical activity:

  • Improves mental and physical health
  • Lifts the mood of participants
  • Provides opportunities for meeting new people and having fun
  • Helps raise self-esteem and confidence as personal goals are achieved

At the end of of 2019, we were featured in the Guardian in their ‘Society’ section. Get cosy and read the article they wrote about the work that we do and how it has improved the lives of just some of our young people!

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“The mind can’t function unless your body is working properly-but it also affects the other way. The state of your mind affects your body.”
'Physical Activity in Mental Health’ (leaflet), Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2012

Can you help support uS?

You can help uS deliver our mission to empower young people with or at risk of developing mental health issues to transform their lives through participation in sport and physical activities by:

  • fundraising;
    • doing a sponsored personal challenge such as a run;
    • organising a fundraising event;
    • making a donation;
  • Suitably qualified and experienced people can:
    • deliver sport and fitness activities for uS young people;
    • provide key worker support to uS participants
    • advise on planning, development, management, marketing, quality assurance and safeguarding
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“I feel happier and can do things I never thought possible. This has increased my confidence and self-belief. I no longer feel isolated and chronically anxious.”
“I used to hate meeting new people, but although still shy I am growing my friendship group. People tell me that I look so different. I smile and look them in the eye. I am beginning to believe that I have an exciting future!”