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We support young people aged between 12 and 25 with or at risk of developing mental health difficulties, helping them to become physically active and transform their lives.

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How can we help you?

If you are a young person who needs help, a parent or carer who needs some advice and support, or a professional looking for assistance for a young person then contact us today, and let’s get started….


1 in 10 children suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder – that is about 3 children in every class! This is a big problem and additionally mental illness is often stigmatised and misunderstood.

This leads to further unnecessary suffering. Judgements are made about mental illness in a way they are not about physical illness. US Active rely on donations to allow us to continue our work supporting young people dealing with mental health issues across the North East.

All the funds we receive are used to arrange personalised programmes for young people based on their own needs and interests so each ‘US Journey’ will be different. By encouraging them to identify their own choice of sport or activity we believe this will make it easier for sport and exercise to become an enduring part of their lifestyle.


Empowering Young People through Sport

Our Mission & Vision

US Active provides a bespoke offer of sports and physical activities to empower young people to transform their lives. It has adopted an evidence-based approach that confirms the physical, mental and social benefits derived from participating in physical activity. The offer is ‘demand-led’, responding to the needs and interests of young people.

US Active is committed to youth consultation, which continues to shape its growth. Professionals from the voluntary, education, health, care and justice sectors also provide US Active with a wealth of knowledge that contributes to appropriate participant identification, introduction and support, whilst ensuring safe and successful procedures and delivery.


A Word

From Our Founder

“Sitting in the Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Centre with my brother one day, I noticed how many charities there are to support people with cancer. I thought how few charities there are for young people with mental illness.

I visited Maggie’s in the ground of the Freeman Road Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. What a fantastic place, a tranquil beautiful space for patients with cancer and relatives to receive support, join in an activity, receive counselling or just sit and watch the world go by.

As a practising psychiatrist I thought we have to start addressing the complex needs of young people with mental illness in a similar way.”

Dr Mary Jane Tacchi

Transforming Lives Through Sport

“I used to hate meeting new people, but although still shy I am growing my friendship group. People tell me that I look so different. I smile and look them in the eye. I am beginning to believe that I have an exciting future!”
"I feel happier and can do things I never thought possible. This has increased my confidence and self-belief. I no longer feel isolated and chronically anxious."
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Our Activities

How it all works…

Exercise can benefit individuals with mental health issues by promoting the release of mood-enhancing chemicals, reducing stress hormones, improving cognitive function, fostering a sense of accomplishment, and providing a structured and positive routine, all of which contribute to better overall mental well-being.

Helping Socialisation

Social interaction and support from group activities foster a sense of community, while achieving fitness goals enhances feelings of accomplishment.

Improving Mental Health

Exercise contributes to improved mental health by promoting the release of endorphins, reducing stress hormones, and enhancing cognitive function, ultimately leading to a positive impact on mood, stress management, and overall psychological well-being.

Helping With Treatments

Exercise complements existing treatments for various health conditions by providing additional therapeutic benefits, such as improved physical fitness, enhanced mood regulation, and reduced symptoms, thereby supporting and augmenting the effectiveness of medical interventions and therapies.

Improving Self Esteem

Exercise improves self-esteem through a combination of physical, psychological, and social factors. Physical changes, such as improved body composition and fitness levels, contribute to a positive body image.

Having Fun!

Exercise can be enjoyable because it offers a diverse range of activities that cater to individual preferences, fostering a sense of accomplishment, releasing endorphins, and often providing a social or recreational element that makes the experience both engaging and fun.



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May Fundraising Round – Up

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Volunteer Week 2024

Volunteer Week 2024

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May News

May News

May was a month of growth, awareness, and community for our charity. We were thrilled to support 12 new participants in their journey towards becoming more active. We emphasized the importance of movement during Mental Health Awareness Week, aligning perfectly with...

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