Initial Planning Meeting

About you

You / Your family & friends / School, training, or work / How active are you? / Current or past activities / What brought you to US? / Your mental health / How does how you feel affect what you do? / How do you feel about getting active?

Do you know why we encourage young people to get active...?

Because getting active can:
• improve mental and physical health
• increase confidence and self esteem
• improve social skills
• improve engagement in education, training and employment
• improve ability to get involved in other life activities
And so, we want to help young people adopt it as a lifestyle tool to help them throughout their life

Fitness activity / Type of sessions / Availability / Transport / What to bring

Things you’re worried about / Things you need to know / Who will be involved / Disabilities, medication, allergies / Communication methods / Travel / Clothing

Keeping you and others safe

Short term - with US / Long Term - to keep active

Short term - with US / Long Term - to keep active

Personal Goals

Progress Catch up

Re-checking your consent

Signature to confirm we agree with recorded plan