May News

May was a month of growth, awareness, and community for our charity. We were thrilled to support 12 new participants in their journey towards becoming more active. We emphasized the importance of movement during Mental Health Awareness Week, aligning perfectly with our charity’s mission, and provided valuable wellness resources in our first Wellness Workshop. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to fostering a supportive and active community where everyone can thrive.



In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Week, our charity emphasized the crucial role of movement in mental health. This theme aligns perfectly with our mission to promote mental wellness through physical activity. During the week, we organized a series of discussions with our trainers, highlighting the mental health benefits of staying active. Following this, we hosted our Wellness Workshop, enhancing our community’s understanding and practice of comprehensive well-being.


Wellness Workshop

Dominic and Lucy led our first Wellness Workshop, covering a variety of essential topics to enhance overall well-being. Participants learned calming and balancing breathing techniques, the basics of nutrition and the importance of fueling the body properly, and enjoyed a fun circuit workout. This was followed by an introduction to mindfulness, and we concluded the workshop with a soothing relaxation session.


Next up, June!

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June News

June News

June Recap We took the opportunity this month to catch up with several young people who, with our support, have been attending their local...

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