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US rely on donations to allow us to continue our work supporting young people dealing with mental health issues across the North East.

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How You Can Help

US Active has been supporting young people since 2016 and we are proud to offer programmes personalised to the needs to each young person. Sadly, as the number of young people with mental health difficulties grows, so too does the demand for US Active support. Our thanks go to all of those who have helped us raise money so far, and please support our ongoing work to support young people in our communities.

How your money could help…

  • Your £4 would pay for the travel cost of a young person attending an US session.
  • Your £25 would pay for one to one support for a young person to identify their personal goals and make the step onto a US fitness programme.
  • Your £50 would pay for two qualified coaches to deliver a fitness session for a group of young people.
  • Your £250 would pay for US to hire a community venue for a full programme for a group of young people.
  • Your £1000 would pay for a full programme of sessions for a group of young people.

More ways you can help…

Charity Gift Aid

Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate. Gift Aid is reclaimed by the charity from the tax you pay for the current tax year. Your address is needed to identify you as a current UK taxpayer.

Complete the form here

Fundraise for Us with Just Giving

Take part in an event or organise your own!
Whether running a marathon or doing a sponsored bike ride, shaving your head or having a sponsored silence, a MyDonate page makes raising funds simple. Click here for our A-Z list of fundraising ideas, or come up with your own!

Celebrate an occasion
Whatever the occasion, whether you’re getting married, have an important birthday coming up, or have another big event in your life, making a donation can mean that your celebration is shared with our young people.Whether you ask for donations in lieu of gifts, or simply to make a donation, you are helping US to support a young person through the difficulties that mental health issues bring.

Remember someone special
Celebrate the life of a loved one by setting up an In Memory page. You might choose to ask for donations in lieu of flowers, or just let friends and family know so they can make a donation and share their memories.

If you are organising or taking part in a fundraising event and would like to support US, creating your own MyDonate page is a great way to let everyone know what you’re doing and why. You can include your story, images and event and you can easily share your link with supporters and donors so that they can donate directly online.

Follow this link and start your fundraising now!

For those not online, download our sponsorship form and collect your sponsorship the traditional way!

We’d love to know what you are doing and to support you any way we can, just email us now at [email protected].

Shop for Us

If you’re an online shopper, why note raise money for US while you shop?

By registering your support for US at ‘’ you can shop for products from thousands of leading online retailers; use their price comparison tool to ensure you get the best price and even save money by using the exclusive offers and deals available on their site.

Every time you make a purchase, a percentage will be donated to US.

Register with ‘’ today and start donating as you shop.

Social Media for US Active

With both Facebook and Instagram, you can support US Active, either by creating a fundraiser or making a donation.

Create a fundraiser to raise money for a US Active. Share your fundraiser with friends, get donations and reach your goal.

On Facebook, click the ‘Fundraiser’ icon in your account or google ‘Facebook Fundraiser’, choose US Active and follow the steps.

See the step by step guide here.

To donate on Facebook, simply go to our page @usactivecharity and click the donate button.

On Instagram, Tap the +  icon or swipe right anywhere in your feed and click ‘Fundraiser’ Choose US Active and follow the steps

See the step by step guide here.

To donate on Instagram, simply go to our page @usactivecharity, click the ‘support’ button and choose donate.

The Perfect Gift Card

Did you know you can raise free funds for us every time you purchase or re-load a store card online via Give as you Live?

There’s a full range of shops…even supermarkets….and they’re easy to use!

Follow this link to find out more and buy your gift card.

Post your donation to US

If you’d like to send US a donation by post, please send it with one of our attached forms.

Download the form here.

Donate a prize to US

Why not let us arrange the fundraising activities, but still show your support by donating a prize or gift?

Whether you’re an organisation or an individual, donating a prize means that we can offer something in return for a donation to US…. and we’ll make sure that your sponsorship is recognised! If you’d like to donate a prize, get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Recycle for US

Recycling is a simple way to raise funds for our work, and a great way to help preserve and care for our planet.  There are several ways that you can help US recycle for cash:

Egg boxes

We collect used egg boxes and exchange them for a donation from a local greengrocer.

If you have eggboxes US Active could recycle and Barry’s Fruit and Veg in North Shields can reuse, then drop us an email on [email protected] to arrange drop off / collection

Ink Cartridges

We are registered on to receive cash for ink cartridges donated.

Help us, either by visiting the site, registering and nominating US as your chosen charity, or drop us an email on [email protected] to arrange drop off / collection


We regularly collect unwanted clothing to be weighed and exchanged for cash . If you’d be interested in supporting US with this, either drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll let you know when we are collecting. Alternatively you could check our social media @usactivecharity

Car boot sales

Through our car boot sales, we are able to raise funds at the same time as having a good clear out!  Drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll let you know when we are collecting.

Ebay for US Active

We have a charity shop on Ebay, and there are a number of ways you can support US Active:

  • Check out our items for sale at usactivecharity – browse all listings in the Charity Shop.
  • Make or donate items we can sell on our Ebay shop.
  • Donate to US Active at checkout. Browse for your preferred charities and select US as your favourite, then every time you pay for items on eBay you’ll have the option to also make a donation to US Active.
  • Donate to US Active as you sell: Donate up to 100% of your final sales price to support US Active. You can customise the donation percentage for each individual listing. Minimum donation amount is 10%, or 1% for eBay Motors listings.

Click here to find out more, or contact us on [email protected] for help to make US Active one of your ‘favourite’ charities.

Become a corporate sponsor of US

If your business or organisation would like to make US your named charity or could support our organisation in other ways, get in touch by emailing [email protected].

Become a major donor to US

By making a Major donation to US you would be making a massive impact on our ability to offer sustained and targeted support to young people across the North East dealing with the day to day difficulties of mental health.

To find out how your donation would support our ongoing delivery or move us closer to our long term aspirations for greater support for young people in the North East, get in touch by emailing [email protected].

Why support US

1 in 10 children suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder - that is about 3 children in every class!
1 in 4 adults have a common mental illness and more than half were diagnosed in childhood.
In 2010 20% of children and young people in Newcastle experienced mental health difficulties.
This is a big problem and additionally mental illness is often stigmatised and misunderstood. This leads to further unnecessary suffering. Judgements are made about mental illness in a way they are not about physical illness - “pull yourself together”.

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