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Help us to empower young people, with or at risk of developing mental health issues, to get active and transform their lives. You can do this by sharing your skills, knowledge and experience to support the development and delivery of US.

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How You Can Help

Valued, trained, supported and making a meaningful impact! Could you help us change the lives of young people?

US engages a diverse range of people of all ages to help with many aspects of the organisations development, management, delivery and review. All volunteers are given a clear brief and/or role description. Volunteers, whose role requires it, will be DBS cleared.

Volunteers may advise on and participate in…

  • Health and fitness
  • Finance
  • Legal matters
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing, PR and social media
  • Quality assurance and Improvement
  • Fundraising
  • Activity delivery
  • Safeguarding
  • Supporting and mentoring young people

Where appropriate we support our volunteers with:

  • An induction and induction package
  • A named contact and mentor
  • Clear role descriptions and procedures
  • Training sessions

Youth Engagement

Are you a young person who is interested in getting involved with our Youth Engagement team at Us Active? There are many ways in which you can, and we’re always open to hearing your ideas too.

At Us Active, we have a team of dedicated young people who support the charity in different ways, and we will always welcome any young person who wants to get involved with us.


We promote the vital connection between physical activity and mental resilience. Our mission is to create a community of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about promoting mental well-being through exercise.

If you are a qualified fitness professional with some time you could offer, and a desire to make a positive impact on the mental health of  young people, we invite you to contact us.

Together, we can nurture a love of exercise, enable our young people to reap the benefits of physical exercise on mental health,  and promote a lifelong engagement in exercise to maintain wellbeing.

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